Best Chinese Food Naturally Vegan In 2023

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Chinese Food Naturally Vegan

Chinese Food Naturally Vegan – The idea that Chinese food isn’t vegan-friendly is widespread. The fact is that there may be a lot of chicken, pig, and shellfish. Substituting plant-based components for animal ones is a breeze, and many classic dishes already call for them. So if you’re looking for a really genuine dining experience, we’ve compiled a list of 10 classic Chinese dishes that have always been vegan.

Chinese Food Naturally Vegan – Cucumbers that have been smashed and then pickled in the Chinese style
This is a typical cold appetizer seen in many Chinese eateries. Despite its origins as a “poor man’s dinner” due to its lack of meat and little use of oil, this dish has become a staple in many kitchens over the years. Cucumbers, sugar, salt, black vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, coriander, chile peppers, and a touch of sesame oil are some of the staples in this dish, and it is completely vegan.

Ma Lan Tou with Dried Tofu and Spices, Second Helping

Chinese Food Naturally Vegan – Finely chopped ma lan tou leaves and small cubes of aromatic seasoned tofu make up this classic Shanghainese dish, also known as Ma Lan Xiang Gan. It’s a summertime favorite because of how wonderfully cool and refreshing it is, and because of how delicious the texture and herb flavor are. Just dry tofu (ma lan tou), salt, sugar, and sesame oil are used as spices in this meal.

Kao Fu (wheat gluten) braised in a mushroom sauce.

Chinese Food Naturally Vegan – This preparation of kao fu, also known as wheat gluten or seitan, has a long history in Chinese cooking. The dish, which has a somewhat nutty flavor and a chewy texture like tofu, is typically served as a side dish or appetizer and may be prepared both hot and cold. It’s rich in plant-based protein and minerals and is braised in a thick sweet soy sauce with several varieties of mushrooms (often wood ear).

  1. Eggplant, Potatoes, and Peppers in a Stir-Fry
    When combined in a stir-fry, these three items—known as the “three earthly bounties” in Shandong cuisine—form one of the most traditional meals in all of Chinese cuisine. Cut up some eggplant, potatoes, and green peppers, toss them in cornstarch, then cook them in a pan with some minced garlic, sliced onion, and a splash of soy sauce. That’s how easy it is!
  2. Shanghai-style noodles with scallions, a traditional Chinese ingredient
    Noodles from Shanghai, stir-fried with plenty of scallions and sprinkled in a sesame-soy sauce, are another example of a dish that is both really easy to make and quite delicious. This simple Shanghainese dish packs a surprising amount of flavor and may be eaten at any meal of the day.
  3. Bamboo Shoots in a Brown Sauce
    Tender spring bamboo shoots are only accessible in China during the spring season, thus many families like cooking them up during this time of year. You may make a delicious meal that goes perfectly with hot jasmine rice by adding star anise, mushrooms, and siu tong choi (a green variation of pak choi). If you want things spicy, you may also sprinkle some chopped chili on top.

Seventhly, Tiger Skin Fried Peppers

Chinese Food Naturally Vegan – To bring out their full flavor, these green hot peppers are first marinated in Chinese black vinegar before being tossed into a scorching hot pan. This classic Szechuanese side dish is vegetarian (the veggie is given center stage) and is served alongside rice and a cool beer.

Hunan Eggplant – Steamed

Chinese Food Naturally Vegan – The Asian eggplant, which is longer and thinner than its European counterpart, is cut into beautiful rectangular sticks and coated in a wonderful marinade to create this timeless classic. The dish is entirely plant-based, made up of eggplants, minced garlic, red chili, spring onion, sesame oil, sweet soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a scallion and chopped peanut garnish.

Number Nine: Lo Han Jai (Buddha’s Joy)
Vegetables including bamboo shoots, arrowhead, fat choy, water chestnuts, lotus seeds, pressed tofu or bean curd sticks, and fungi like wood ear and black mushrooms have been staples in Chinese cuisine for centuries owing to the country’s deep Buddhist cultural traditions. The dish’s flavor comes from the broth-marinade it’s bathed in, which is made up of soy sauce, cooking wine, pickled cabbage, ginger, peanut oil, and other ingredients.

Vegetable Dumplings, Number Ten
The best for last, as they say. A warm batch of vegetable dumplings is sure to be a hit with everyone. Many (okay, most!) Chinese dumplings are made with pork and may also include shrimp and egg, but Shanghainese and Cantonese cuisine also feature a wide variety of dumplings filled with vegetables. Pak choi, Chinese celery, sliced fungus, jicama, and occasionally rice noodles make up the bulk of the filling. And there’s an almost infinite variety of ways to prepare them: fried, steamed, boiled, in soup with noodles, etc. Chinese Food Naturally Vegan

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