5 Perfect Tips to Choose Healthiest Chinese Food to Order

Is there any healthiest Chinese food to order? Hey there, chef and journalist here!

We’ve got some great tips for you today on the healthiest Chinese food to order.

We know how hard it can be to make healthy choices, especially when it comes to takeout.

That’s why we created this guide to help you navigate the world of Chinese cuisine and find the healthiest options for your taste buds.

Imagine you’re on a treasure hunt, and instead of looking for gold, you’re searching for the healthiest Chinese food to order.

You want to find those hidden gems that will satisfy your cravings while also providing your body with the nutrients it needs.

Well, we’ve got the map to guide you through this culinary adventure.

So, let’s dive in and discover the healthiest Chinese food to order, shall we?

healthiest chinese food to order

Healthiest Chinese Food to Order

As a chef, I understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet while enjoying delicious food.

It can be tough to make the right choices when it comes to takeout, especially when it comes to Chinese food.

But fear not, because I am here to share with you the healthiest Chinese food takeout options that won’t compromise on taste!

Steamed dishes are always a great choice when it comes to Chinese food.

Steaming locks in the nutrients and flavors of the dish without the need for excessive amounts of oil or sauce.

Opt for steamed vegetables or dumplings to get a healthy serving of veggies and protein.

Choose dishes that are heavy on the vegetables and light on the meat.

Moo Goo Gai Pan, Buddha’s Delight, and Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables are great examples.

These dishes are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and are low in calories.

Skip the fried rice and go for brown rice instead.

Brown rice is a healthier alternative that contains more fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Plus, it’s less processed than white rice and keeps you feeling full longer.

Be mindful of the sauces.

Many Chinese dishes are loaded with sodium, sugar, and unhealthy fats.

Ask for sauces on the side and use them sparingly to control the amount of sauce you consume.

By making small changes in your takeout orders, you can still enjoy the flavors of Chinese cuisine while keeping your health in check.

So the next time you order takeout, keep these tips in mind, and your taste buds and your body will thank you!

Tips for Making Chinese Food Orders Healthier

Hey, it’s me again!

Now that you know some of the healthiest Chinese food takeout options, let me share with you some tips for making your Chinese food orders even healthier.

These tips are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy Chinese food without compromising their health.

Go for steamed over fried & get sauce on the side:

One of the easiest ways to make your Chinese food order healthier is to choose steamed dishes over fried ones.

Steaming preserves the nutrients in the food and reduces the amount of oil used in cooking.

Also, ask for the sauce on the side so that you can control the amount you use.

Choose broth-based soups:

Chinese soups are delicious and comforting, but some of them are loaded with sodium and fat.

Choose broth-based soups like hot and sour or egg drop soup instead of creamy ones like crab rangoon.

Veg out & have plenty of leftovers:

Adding extra vegetables to your Chinese food order is an easy way to make it healthier.

Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, and they also add fiber to your meal, which helps you feel fuller longer.

Also, order enough food to have leftovers for the next day, so you don’t end up eating more than you should.

When ordering rice, go for brown rice with a scrambled egg:

Rice is a staple in Chinese cuisine, but white rice lacks the nutrients found in brown rice.

Order brown rice instead of white rice and ask for a scrambled egg on top to add protein to your meal.

Choose healthier protein options:

Chinese food is known for its meat dishes, but some of them are high in fat and calories.

Go for shrimp or tofu entrees instead of beef or pork.

Shrimp is low in fat and calories and high in protein, while tofu is a good source of plant-based protein.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your favorite Chinese dishes without feeling guilty about your health.

Try them out the next time you order Chinese takeout, and let me know how it goes!


Well, that’s a wrap!

We hope you found our guide to the healthiest Chinese food to order helpful.

Remember, making healthy choices doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor.

There are plenty of delicious options to choose from that will nourish your body and tantalize your taste buds.

We know it can be tough to make the right choices when it comes to takeout, but with our map in hand, you’ll be able to navigate the world of Chinese cuisine with confidence.

So, go forth and discover those hidden gems that will help you feel your best!

Thank you for joining us on this culinary adventure.

We can’t wait to hear about your favorite healthy Chinese food finds.

Until next time, happy ordering!

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